AFM, atomic force, microscope, analysis, alignment, image processing, Callisto, data, filtering, Fourier, Nanotop, spm, palette, SPM, software, scanning, probe
2D representation of a surface. Alignment and normalization, heights histogram.
3D representation includes spatial rotation of surfaces, management of a position and intensity of a virtual light source, change of scale, elimination of step-type distortions.All changes are displayed in real time.
Colour palette. Easy choice of colour filling using heights histogram.All changes are displayed in real time.
Elimination of distortions , filtering using convolution and Fourier transformation. All changes are displayed in real time.
Calculation of the geometrical sizes of elements of a surface.
Overlapping of the images, association of the data in the uniform project, preservation of parameters of data representation.
Transformation of data into different formats, easy and fast reports creation.

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