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28.09.2006 The materials are placed on a site for the first time.

04.10.2006 Updating of the software.

New features:
- 90 degrees image rotation.
- one-dimensional Fourier transformation on axes X and Y;
- Fourier filter cut off with help of mouse. The results are displayed in real time;

-creating, saving and loading of the user filters;
- description of the dialogue panel of filtration, and related example is added.

The description of the module (Russian version) and .spm file for testing are prepared.

06.10.2006 The description of 2D and 3D representation of a surface has appeared.

09.10.2006 From now, "Callisto" supports the "Veeco" (Nanoscope binary) and "NT-MDT" file types. Download the new version of "Callisto" and some files for testing.

17.10.2006 Callisto V1.05

- The new command "Undo", restores the previous condition on one step back has appeared.
- The expansions *.cnf and *.plt are generated automatically, if it were absent during saving of configuration or colour palette.

- The command of saving of configurations as well as file names of all open images for the one document in a configuration file of the first image (topography) has appeared.

- Few bugs related to usage of colour palette are fixed.

20.10.2006 "Never thought, that Russian is so similar on English" - said professor from England to the Russian scientist after he presented his report at the conference...

This story is related to our translation of 2D and 3D image representation placed in Support section at last.

24.10.2006 The program correctly processes not square images:
- Cuts out rectangular areas with help of "Crop" operation.
- Creates the cross-sections for the images, in which the number of points on axes X and Y is unequal.
- The "Crop" is done for all images of the document.
- The opportunity to cancel the previous operation of a cutting of smaller area for all images of the document (if this operation was last) has appeared.
- The speed of restoration of 2D and 3D windows is increased in case of their overlapping by other window (in a "FastRenderSceneMode" - coarsely, see the Options menu).
- The speed of 2D and 3D images redrawing is increased (see menu Options, fast rough redrawing mode).

29.10.2006 The problems related to to reservation of increased volumes of memory are solved.

10.05.2007 new version of Callisto. The basic changes:

  • The program opens 2 images stored in one file of Nanoscope and NT-MDT file format.
  • Problems with transformation of dimensions are eliminated.
  • The configuration file *.cnf can contain now options of 2D and 3D representations of several images.

The description of effective processing of images by means of the Fouier-filtration and imposing of phase contrast is resulted.

19.06.2007 program failures at surface alignment are eliminated .

All updatings are accessible on page Support


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