AFM, atomic force, microscope, analysis, alignment, image processing, Callisto, data, filtering, Fourier, Nanotop, spm, palette, SPM, software, scanning, probe

Important! Before loading of files we'd like to pay your attention to the copyright law.

The program "Callisto" is distributed free-of-charge, however it is intended only for individual use, and can not be distributed for compensation.

The free distribution, and also accommodation in the Intrnet can be made only with the reference to our site.

The program "Callisto" can not be included in any commercial products.

. The trade mark can not be used without the consent of the authors.


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Attention! For work of the program the library glut32.dll is required. It can be found here or here. Write us if any of the references does not work, and searching does not help.

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