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Attention please! Free distribution, and also publishing in the Intrnet of elements of a program code placed on this page, can be made only with the reference to our site.

The distribution of the given materials for compensation is not supposed.

.spm file format + write-read procedures source code on Visual Basic 6.

Simply .spm files viewer on Visual Basic 6 using VC++ library (source code is included).

The sample file recorded in .spm format.

converter between .spm and .img (MountainsMap) files (unknown author).

description of the Fourier filtration module (Russian version).

.spm file , used as an example for testing of Fourier filtration.

2D and 3D image representation (Russian version).

2D and 3D representation (English version).

File in NT-MDT format ("Callisto" converting).

File in Veeco format ("Callisto" converting).

New version of"Callisto" (10.05.2007). See main changes at News

The description of effective image processing by means of the Fouier-filtration and imposing of phase contrast.


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